For optimal preservation and superior-quality frozen fruit, Emblem Cranberry uses state-of-the-art technology. The freezing process involves CO2, a natural refrigerant. This technology is efficient and has a minimal environmental impact. It allows for greater ventilation for quicker freezing and maintains the temperature at -18 °C (0 °F).


To offer a cranberry that meets the most rigorous FSSC 22000 quality standards, Emblem Cranberry considers fruit cleaning to be a critical step. The cleaning process removes all undesirable foreign matter, as well as any inadequate berries that might alter the quality of the product. Cleaning is performed with a sanitizer and aims for an optimal moisture level of less than 1% for efficient freezing and easy berry processing.


Sorting and calibrating the berries allows us to find and eliminate undesirable foreign matter and detect flaws on the berries. Two high-performance metal detectors eliminate all metal contaminants that may be present. The quality berries are then sorted according to their respective specifications and processing needs. A unique sorting process is used to ensure perfect consistency.


  • Organic Grade-A Cranberry

  • Conventional Grade-A Cranberry

  • Puree-Grade Cranberry

  • Juice-Grade Cranberry

  • Juice-Grade Organic Cranberry

  • Grade A haskap berry

  • Juice-Grade haskap berry

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