New packing option



In these unique times, we are especially proud to deliver our emblematic superfruits all over the world. Brightly colored, packed with flavor and proven health benefits, our berries have a remarkable impact on public health. Each day, we feel how much we rely on us, it has become a great source of motivation to keep moving forward.


We want to inform you about the new packing option available starting this summer season 2020.


New pillow bag option: 5 x 1 kg bags.  (Other sizes could be offered.)


As you know, it is important to us to be a reliable supplier to our clients, even or especially in challenging times. We are there to cover your frozen cranberry needs year long, all our products, calibrations and options are available:


  • Grade A 10-12mm
  • Grade A 10-12mm sliced in two (halves)
  • Grade A Uncalibrated or calibrated
  • Grade A sliced
  • Organic, Global Gap, Red inside…


Available in totes, 40 lb, 10 kg and now available in our new pillow bags.


Please feel free to reach out to me should you would like additional information.


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